Guttering Services

Although most people view Sullivan & Fortner almost exclusively as a "roofing company," we also offer outstanding service for both 5" and 6" standard (i.e., "style K") guttering installations.

Our guttering machines are taken out to the job site and the guttering is manufactured to the specific dimensions that your building requires. While our crew members have a great deal of experience with several different installation techniques, we strongly prefer (in most instances) to utilize "hidden hangers and screws" to install and secure our guttering to the building's fascias. The hidden hangers and screws are much stronger and are not nearly as prone to pull loose or completely out like the old "spikes and ferrules" system of hanging gutters.

While most of our gutter jobs involve either low-gloss "White" or "Royal Brown," several additional colors are also available. Most of these "other" colors are available at no additional cost, but a few of them are "special order" colors and require a supplemental fee. Once you've contacted us and we've discussed the particulars of your building(s), we'll inform you promptly if we discover that a color you are considering is a "special order" color.

Feel free to visit the following sites for more information about these guttering manufacturers and the products that are available. 

  • Alcoa Building Products
  • Napco Products
  • Norandex/Reynolds
  • Lansing Building Products