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Your roof is a vital part of your home. A damaged roof makes your home uninhabitable, so you must repair it immediately problems occur. Roof damage is caused by harsh weather conditions, walking on it, falling debris, and even poor installation. If you notice leaks or broken shingles you should consider contacting a roof repair expert to inspect and repair your roof.

Here are four roofing problems and their solutions.

  • Wind Damage.  When there are strong winds, the edges of your roof are vulnerable to wind damage. It is crucial to check your roof after a storm to ensure that it is in good condition. Look for loose or missing shingles, curling or peeling shingles, chimney problems and granule loss. Remember that strong wind can also cause branches and trees to fall on your roof and damage it. If you notice any of these issues, you should call our technicians to make the necessary repairs. Remember that if you live in a wind-prone area, you should invest in a roof made of heavy material that is not easily damaged.
  • Rain Damage.  Heavy rainfall can quickly wear your roof. A sure sign of heavy rain damage is the occurrence of leaks on a roof that was in good condition before the storm. You will also notice that some parts of your roof are missing. If you have a sloping roof, there is a higher chance of water damage as water collects on some parts of the roof. Good waterproofing will help prevent problems on a sloping roof. Ensure that you have your roof inspected by our qualified roofers at least once every two years.
  • Leaking Roofs. A leaking roof affects your comfort and is also a health hazard. When you notice water stains on your ceiling or the smell of damp in your attic you may have a problem with your roof. If your gutters are damaged, filled with rubbish and debris when it rains they hold water. The moisture can damage your roof. Our top of the
    line roofing experts can make a thorough inspection and the necessary repairs. We can also put in a new roof in case the damage is too extensive. 
  • Hailstorm Damage. During hailstorms, roofs can get badly damaged. Hail can crack your shingles, cause granule loss and even expose the fiberglass mat. You must call our roofing experts when you notice these problems so that we can fix them. If left unrepaired, these can cause further damage and lead to leaks. Bear in mind that only a
    trained eye can spot the first stages of hail damage on your roof so, it is wise to call an experienced roofer for an inspection after a hailstorm.

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Maintenance Services

Regular inspection and maintenance are an essential part of roof care. Roof damage, when left unrepaired, can become a larger issue and cost a lot of money to fix. Our roofers will fix all roofing problems whether they are as a result of falling debris, harsh weather or age. Call Sullivan & Fortner today!