Your Roofing Checklist

14 Questions to Consider Before You Select a Contractor

The roof on your property is one of the most critical parts of your structure. A leaky roof can lead to a whole lot of problems for the interior of a building, including mold, mildew and rotten wood. It is vitally important that you retain an honest, dependable and reliable contractor. The following checklist should be of use to you as a guide in helping you look for a contractor you feel comfortable with and who bids the job correctly and at a fair price.


  • Has the company been around for several years?
  • Will the company be there if any problems arise?
  • Has the company done work similar to yours before?
  • Does the company have the equipment to handle your job?
  • Is a workmanship warranty provided?
  • Is a good, reliable product being suggested?
  • Does the product have a good warranty?
  • Are the details of the job fully documented in the contract?
  • Has an approximate start and finish time been given?
  • Have I seen proof of worker’s compensation and liability insurance?
  • Have I seen or heard about previous work?
  • Did the contractor actually inspect the roof, physically?
  • Do I feel comfortable with the price?
  • Do I feel comfortable choosing the contractor?
  • To be sure that all of the above answers are "Yes," choose Sullivan & Fortner!