Stucco Repair & Installation

Realistically, hiring someone to fix stucco damage is a reasonable solution for homeowners who cannot find a way to do the work themselves. The benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. However, it's up to individuals to decide whether stucco repair is the proper direction for their property. In this article, we will discuss why you should hire stucco repair.

Repairs Are Costly to DIY

It can be tempting to try and fix your stucco problems (such as stucco cracks) because they seem like simple repairs. However, if you're not experienced in this area, you'll likely make things worse rather than better and pay a lot more money in the process. A professional will be able to identify what needs to be done immediately and how much it will cost to make an informed decision about how to proceed with your home improvement.

Stucco Repair Should Be Done Every Few Years

The first reason you should hire stucco contractors is that they know how to do this type of work. You may think that it's easy, but there are many different kinds of stucco, and each one requires different tools. Stucco contractors have been trained in stucco repair to use the right materials and tools for your home's needs.

Stucco Repair Won't Cost You Much Money

The second reason you should hire stucco contractors is that their prices are usually very affordable compared to other types of home repairs like roofing or plumbing work. Most stucco contractors charge between $300-$500 for smaller jobs like repairing holes in the exterior walls or fixing cracks.

Repairs Need Special Tools

Stucco is made up of cement, lime and sand. These materials are very hard to work with, so it will be very difficult if you try to do the job yourself. You will need specialized tools like chisels and hammers to remove old stucco from your home's exterior walls. If you don't know what you are doing, there is a good chance that you could cause damage to your home by trying to remove old stucco on your own.

Prevent Future Damage

The best way to prevent further damage is to hire someone who knows what they're doing. A qualified stucco repair company will be able to assess your situation and come up with a plan that will save you money in the long run versus doing nothing at all. The goal is to make sure the problem doesn't worsen so that it doesn't become more expensive down the road.

Stucco Repairs Can Help Prevent Water Damage.

Water can leak into your home through cracks in the stucco and cause extensive damage to your home. By hiring a professional to do stucco repairs, you can prevent this from happening. If water gets into your home through cracks in the stucco and causes damage, you will have to pay for repairs. This could cost thousands of dollars, depending on how much damage and how extensive the repairs are.

Stucco Repairs Can Improve Curb Appeal

Stucco installation can make your home look better by increasing its curb appeal and making it more attractive to potential buyers when you want to sell it someday. If you want your home to look its best when potential buyers come around, then having stucco repairs done by a professional will give it that extra edge that makes people want to buy it over other homes they see today.

Wrapping Up

If you need stucco repair, it's very important to work with someone experienced. You'll have to have the stucco removed and replaced. To do this right, you will need someone skilled and experienced.  You want to make sure that you're working with someone who has the education and training necessary to complete any repairs on your home.  Call Sullivan & Fortner today at (765) 447-3155!